Critical Costume 2018

on 'Costume Ethics'

12-14 September 2018, Guildford, UK

University of Surrey, Guildford School of Acting

Convened by Dr. Rachel Hann, Ele Slade and Meg Cunningham.

As our third major event, Critical Costume 2018 asks what are the principal opportunities and challenges that the provocation(s) of 'costume ethics' poses to designers, artists, and scholars. We approach the peculiarity of costume as a liminal method of appearance that is consciously designed and performed. Yet, this same transitional state can partition costume as unstable (when compared to normative orders of bodily representation) that highlights an innate 'risk' inherent within the design, construction and wearing of costume. Consequently, Critical Costume 2018 will host contributions that debate the permissibility, authorship, or risk of costume and costuming.

Conference information for CC2018 and how to register is avaliable below:

Book of Abstracts and bios
Call for Contributions
Special issue of Studies in Costume & Performance
Edited by Rachel Hann
Late 2019